Softcomp is a Project
of the European Commission
developed under the
6th Framework Programme.
© 2005 SoftComp
Since this NoE intends to bring together various fields within soft matter science, and experimental work is planned where various pure soft matter systems are combined, there is a strong need for spreading know-how about the synthesis and handling of these soft matter systems, and to supply various groups with, for them as yet unavailable, model systems.
Besides this service aspect of the synthesis labs, efforts are planned to synthesize composite particles, such as polymer-colloids, surface-modified biopolymers to obtain very monodisperse non-spherical colloids, surface-modified nanocrystals for biological labelling and incorporation of functionalised nanocrystals within a polymer matrix for possible photonic applications.

Figure : Photographs of disk-shaped organic-inorganic films doped with low concentration of Au@SiO2 nanospheres (left) and short nanorods (right). The insets show TEM images of the nanoparticles.

Polymer Synthesis
Colloid Synthesis
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